The rainforest section of (是基于一个地点的时间:热带Rainfo雷竞技登录页面rests - Their Wonders and the Perils They Face, a project by Rhett Ayers Butler. Rhett initially developed the work over a four-year period (1996-2000) and continues to update and revise the project today.

A Place Out of Time is written for those who have an interest in the natural world. It is scripted to appeal to a broad audience so that readers from grade school students to stockbrokers to plumbers can enjoy and learn about tropical rainforests. Rhett has sought to broaden the reach and horizons of this text by incorporating and bringing together far flung—and sometimes seemingly unrelated—information from a variety of sources not easily accessible to most readers. In the process the author has tried to simplify the sometimes complex subject matter and provide some insight into the current economic, political, and social climate for tropical rainforests.

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Thanks to Nancy, Penn and Anne for their support.

This text was written in 2001.

Rhett Butler in July 2018